BGE Meeting – June 8, 2016

Written by George Porter

Friederike Beins
Jacopo Bertacco
Marian Hafenstein
George Porter

19:55 Meeting with Guitars I
Led by Jaco.

We begin with some Circulation work:

  • Circulation E major with matching registers
  • Circulation G# major
  • Circulation C major
  • Circulation with key changes every 4 bars: E, G#, C major

Jaco emphasises the importance of recognising intervals and finding the next available note.

Circulations with vamps over modes:

  • C major
  • C lydian
  • C mixolydian
  • C dorian

Jaco presents us with a challenge for each of us to come up with our own vamps for all seven diatonic modes.

Jaco introduces a power chord riff in Bb minor pentatonic which is then reduced to the bass notes.

A second part is presented to create a thrakking pattern.

It’s challenging and we struggle to sync the parts and stay in time.

21:00 Break

21:20 Meeting with Guitars II
We continue with the thrakking parts and there are some moments where it comes together but remains challenging.

Jaco presents a second riff based in Bb minor with alterations to make up a 15 note sequence containing challenging stretches and a variation on the beginning note too:

We loop this for some time with some impros over the top. The circulations, riff 1 and 2 are actually all part of a piece.

Jaco requests us to present pieces from our current repertoire. We play Maraton – some refreshment is required in the middle.

We also play Pendulo – J suggests making the bass sound groovy and to work on the tone.

We then move to circulating in E Lydian with 2 players on the down and 2 players on the up beat.

We complete by playing E Lydian scale on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th strings with stops to recognise intervals.

22:30 Completion

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