BGE Meeting – June 14, 2016

Written by Marian Hafenstein

Friederike Beins
Jacopo Bertacco
Marian Hafenstein
Gregory Jackson

19:30 Arrivals

19:45 Meeting with Guitars I


  • E Major
  • C Major
  • G# Major
  • Matching the register in which one plays according to that of the leader
  • Four rounds of each key; Jacopo is comping
  • Circulating in quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triples and 16th notes; rotating the person who begins on the downbeat

Calisthenics: part of the Fracture pattern with different finger combinations

21:15 Break

21:25 Meeting with Guitars II
Further work on the piece presented by Jacopo in the meeting on Tuesday 8th June, 2016.

22:15 Completion

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