BGE Meeting – June 26, 2016

Written by Friederike Beins

Friederike Beins
Marian Hafenstein
George Porter

08:15 Morning Sitting

09:00 Breakfast

10:50 Meeting with Guitars I
Alexander Technique Directions on sitting with the guitar, use of the hands, circulating

Warm-up Calistenics
– Anchoring on two strings based on First Secondary Exercise combinations
– Circulating in quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triples and 16th notes; rotating the person who begins on the downbeat

12:35 Break

13:00 Meeting with Guitars II

El Pendulo II
– playthrough
– working on the piece section by section, focusing on establishing a common way of playing the bass part

Impact on Earth
– playthrough
– review of structure

– playthrough

Circulation E major, G# major, C major with Chords

14:30 Completion

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