BGE Meeting – June 30, 2016

Written by Gregory Jackson

Friederike Beins
Marian Hafenstein
Gregory Jackson
George Porter

19:30 Arrivals

20:10 Meeting with Guitars I

Alexander Technique Directions were given by George on bringing attention to the body from outside, imagining movements, sitting, and finally the shape of the right hand.

Warm-up calisthenics were led by Marian. Begin with an anchoring exercise with 5 note sequences introduced some months earlier by Hernan. After refreshing the patterns, we play in quarter notes, then picking in eighth notes and finally all in eighth notes.

Circulating in quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triplets and 16th notes; rotating the person who begins.

21:30 Break

21:50 Meeting with Guitars I

El Pendulo II: play through, fine tuning the tempo of Metallica section, checking some transitions, setting the final chord, practicing transition from circulation/arpeggios into final chord.

Impact on Earth: play through, need to check details of the opening melody, fine tuning details of the transition into the Part B of the song with greater confidence and dynamics.

Maratón: play through, fine tuning basses during the melody/bridge section, overall work on timing and feel.

Circulation D major, thumb.

22:45 Completion

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